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• 6/8/2018


Should a forum for this be added, to create channels such as favourite games, weapon discussions, and other stuff?
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• 5/25/2018
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• 2/24/2018

Add to mac.

They have ros for windows/pc, but not for mac. Please add it for mac.
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• 2/9/2018

How to report Hackers?

Can someone please make a Wiki page on how to report hackers, such as aimbots that use cheatware to kill me in game. Do you have to contact support of is there a better way for Android / iOS and PC. Let us help the developers to get rid of this scurge of cheaters as swiftly as possible.

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• 1/10/2018


Hey! Just wunted to maybe add a new page about tips and tricks on how to make the game easier for the newer players. If that is possible how can i do that? .-.
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• 1/2/2018

More Weapon Stats

Currently their aren't any stats for the guns. If anyone wants to play duos with me and help me find all the weapon damage levels and damage drop off, lemme know your username and I'll friend you (must be in north america).
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