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• 2/9/2018

How to report Hackers?

Can someone please make a Wiki page on how to report hackers, such as aimbots that use cheatware to kill me in game. Do you have to contact support of is there a better way for Android / iOS and PC. Let us help the developers to get rid of this scurge of cheaters as swiftly as possible.

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• 2/18/2018
There is no way because they didn't have report section like the Crossfire
• 5/7/2018
When you die, you can hit the report button and either select one of the default reasons (exploting glitches, aimbot, wallhacks, etc) or type in a reason for the report. Note that you can only report players who kill you, which makes sense in this game, as you likely wont know enough about the behaviour of players whom you dont spectate to reasonably report them.
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