Assault Rifle with two optional shooting modes. Found in various places around the map.

Is the civilian version of the M4A1.

In game the AR15 has decent hipfire stability at close range. The AR15 excels with a medium-long range sight in ranged engagements.

Oddly enough images of the weapon show a grip already on the weapon despite the slot being empty.



  • Rifle Flash Hider
  • Rifle Compensator
  • Rifle Silencer


  • Triangle Grip
  • Vertical Foregrip


  • Rifle QD-Mag
  • Rifle Ex-Mag
  • Rifle Ex-QD-Mag


  • Holo-sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • 2X Scope
  • 4X Scope
  • 8X Scope


The damage are the same with the M4 but the AR15 is more stable.Here is some representation of the damage(the damage will decrease when you shooot at 50 meter and 100+) on the body,legs/arms and the head ²

Sans ed
San ef
San ef-0
San ef-1
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