Added in the December 28, 2017 update. This weapon can only be found in supply crates.

It comes with a default 4X Scope and Rifle Silencer, and they cannot be removed.

Oddly enough it is classified as an Assault Rifle in the game description, it uses Sniper Rifle Rounds (SR Ammo) and sniper rifle attachments. This is most likely due to the full auto aspect of the weapon as its real life counterpart is also capable of full auto fire. In full auto it is very useful for medium range combat.



The Silencer the AS VAL comes with cannot be removed.

  • Silencer (Default)


  • SR QD-Mag
  • SR Ex-Mag
  • SR Ex-QD-Mag


  • SR Cheek Pad


The 4X Scope the AS VAL comes with cannot be removed.

  • 4X Scope (Default)
  • 8X Scope
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