This weapon can only be found in supply crates.

A heavy sniper rifle. The Barrett, or Barrett M82- as it is properly called- deals the highest amount of damage in the game, dealing massive damage to an armored opponent and is a guaranteed kill to the head, limbs, and arms. It has a slower fire rate and higher recoil than the SVD, but shoots slightly faster than the AWM.



  • SR Flash Hider
  • SR Compensator
  • SR Silencer


  • SR QD-Mag
  • SR Ex-Mag
  • SR Ex-QD-Mag

Cheek Pad

  • SR Cheek Pad


  • Holo-sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • 2X Scope
  • 4X Scope
  • 8X Scope


The Barrett will instantly kill an enemy if fired upon the head even with a Level 3 Helmet equipped or any part of the body if unarmored. Inflicts 82-150 damage to the body depending on the enemy's worn armor.