The M4A1 is the middle off road when it comes to the Assault Rifles in terms of top speed,acelleration,handling,,damage, accuracy, and fire rate and provides versatility to any loadout setups.

It is not recommended to use an 8x scope on this assualt rifle, as the recoil will make aiming very difficult. This is with no attachments, In this new update, they have added a new attachment, the Tactical Stock. This combined with a vertical foregrip and sometimes even a compensator, it makes this gun a laser with no laser just bullets.

And just in case anyone wants to know or is wondering about it forget it, the vertical foregrip is better than the triangle foregrip.

With the first person update this makes the Iron Sight useful though it blocks most of the screen.



Grips Magazines Scopes Stock


Same as the AR15 but with more stability² (damage drop at 50 and 100 meters)

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Sand er-0


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