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{{Weapons_(RoS)_Off.|title1 = M4A1|image1 = M4A1.png|caption1 = |type = Pistol|ammo = Gasoline|attachments = 5|mag_capacity = 1000|ex_mag_capacity = 1001|modes = Single,RPG GAY Hitler Mode|damage = 0.1 - 0.01}}The M4A1 is the worst pistol. If you saw stupid bots punching together, you should use a rubber chicken and throw it to them. M4A1 is only capable on wearing Messed up scopes, Because the creator of this gun does not know how to make a gun.
{{Weapons_(RoS)_Off.|title1 = M4A1|image1 = M4A1.png|caption1 = |type = Assault Rifle|ammo = Rifle Ammo|attachments = 5|mag_capacity = 30|ex_mag_capacity = 40|modes = Single|damage = 11-31}}The M4A1 is the middle off road when it comes to the Assault Rifles in terms of top speed,acelleration,handling,,damage, accuracy, and fire rate and provides versatility to any loadout setups.
You can fir a tatical stock to make this gun the most powerful on recoil,damaging you and healing enemies which is nonsense. All of M4A1 s are located on Bitter Lake that is why pros go here to beng beng noobs.
It is not recommended to use an 8x scope on this assualt rifle, as the recoil will make aiming very difficult. This is with no attachments, In this new update, they have added a new attachment, the Tactical Stock. This combined with a vertical foregrip and sometimes even a compensator, it makes this gun a laser with no laser just bullets.
On the spawn area, if you see a guy with this beng beng, punch him like uh! uh! uh! uh! And also you need backup.
And just in case anyone wants to know or is wondering about it forget it, the vertical foregrip is better than the triangle foregrip.
It has 3 possible attachments. The first one being atoms, The second one is bieng atoms, The third one is 10000000000000000x scope. You should never use that scope.
With the first person update this makes the Iron Sight useful though it blocks most of the screen.
This gun is underpowered. When you see a person drinking sports drink while proning with ghille suit and when you start shooting, You will deal 0 damage on the head because the ghille suit has premuim armour or the level 50 armour.
This gun has 5 modes. The first one is 100 bullet burst. It fires a realy big bullet like the RPG, and deals 100x more damage but it costs a whole pack of bullets.The next is Auto. It automatically drops everything you have. Litterally everything.The next one is 0.1. It fires bullets like a minigun and deals 0.1 damage every hit.The noscope one can kill anyone far without scope but it will cost 1 1000x scope. The last and final one is retard fire. It fires radomly and the fire button is removed permanently for all weapons exept for Barrett.
The damage is realy low and retarded. The only way to make use of this beng beng is to drop it. The only way you will get the next M4A1 will be on Bitter lake again. But when you got there, Your tuk tuk blew up because of another person using M4A1. But lets say he was dumb and a bitch. You got there and you saw peolle punching together. Since every person on bitter lake is dumb.
They have infinite health so you went to the hotel with the M4A1s and you saw a pistol. Great. When you just realized the information here is wrong and the truth is that the M4A1s are on the fearlss. Map. Your stupid.
When you just matchmaking, it took you 1 houd because peopl are scared of th recoil of the M4A1.The M4A1 are on ruins.When you grbbed your pistol with your dirty rie and got a tuku tuk,you just dont know that there is somon in the tuk tuk with awp so you got killed when the tuk tuk blew up. You destroyed your tablet just finding an M4A1.
You got your phone and downloaded ros and you saw that it needs 1GB more than PUBG. It took you 5 hours to download it with your stupid wifi and when its 99.9% somebody just unplugged your personal wifi.
A day after you got your guts to go into ruins and when you Landed and got the M4A1.Since there is only one M4A1, Somebody scoped you with a pistol using the 1000x scope and you was killed when somebody was parashuting from the glider from herd ridge. You just beng benged with him but he got you bieng headshoted. You was pissed of and fucked of even its your first second handling the new underpowered uselles ,M4A1.
You started a new match with a fireteam and took you 10 minuetes matchmaking and you landed at starless depot because your teamates said that youmwere a starless person.Your teamate got an AWP and made you to dirve a tuk tuk to go on the ruins and your team fucked up and exploded your tuk tuk while going in the ruins. You wasted yoyr effort on driving and got only 0 kills and you are ranking down beacuse of people scamming you with the M4A1.
You reported the issue and Netease Games banned you because of teamate friendly fire.
You dropped all your money and burned down your paysheets to get money from your stupid work. You also busted your moms credit card to buy a new phone because your old phone was permanently banned to download ros and to play the game.
Your mom fucked up with your asshole and gave you the cresdit card but in 1 condition: the first mathc you played ros should be a chicken dinner. You dropped down at The three buildings belowmmastout factory, Got a Vector and the WRO and got a kill. It was 30 left so you went straight training base to get a Pistol. 2 left and you were inside a tuk tuk. Your mom said that you should be fair and get out of the tuk tuk. Once you got out you was sniped by an M4A1 user.
Mom: No more ROS.
You Fuckkkkkk!!!!
A year later your mom bought you another tablet. You downloaded ros and you was surprised.100 GB and it was really laggy. You bought an internet that was 100 mbps and it also features ros.You was scammed while your unboxing the internet, you only got the cables. Poor customer.
You waited to download ros mannually and google play said 250 days left. After that time google now says 2 years left and also 1%. You waited another year and finnaly it downloaded with your dads fucking 1000mbps wifi. After that because of 2 years waiting the game started to download more. Like 300GB.
You decided to play on a computer on your niegboor because she had a shop. You bought like 59$ to the store. When you fired the game, Your gamemate said that ros was retarted and it was only the first version. You just waisted $59 from your wallet.
You finaly downloaded it and started playing.for like 24 hours. You never got a chicken dinner. You dropped at ruins but when you got there, there are no M4A1s. The reason of that beacuse of the whole world map. It features the whole world and the only M4A1 Is on China.
You was bitched and fucked up because of the 1 Day matchmaking. You landed on antartica because you were realy retarted.You got an M14EBR and an RPG. Since there are 80000 players, you was killed on the bombing zone and shitted up your progrres
1 update changed everything that M4A1s is now a pistol and consumes gasoline or fuel barrels. 1 shot is 1 tank of fuel.Since of the creators gun stupidity and idiotic ideas, they made it and made gasoline very rare. The fucking update fucked the shit out of the bitches and cunts that is still fucking playing ros that are fucking shitty cunty bitch shit noob.They are also fuck8ng complaining about what kind of idiot bitch-cunty fucking badass that fucking bitchy buttfucking penis butt fucking shit punching bitch cunt asshole butt m4a1 is consuming nonsense fucking bitchbitchbitch idiot stupidmasshole bitch cunt-cunt asshole gasoline which is really shitt-fucked-up-bittchy-asshole-that-fucking-messed-up-the-fucking-bitched-up-penis-game.
The ros commuinty was realy doubled-fucked-up and was full of fucking cunts. The chat was becoming nonsense and that bitchy m4a1 was badass. If you saw an m4a1 and 10 gasolines, you better take cover because the creator of this gun has guts that there are fake m4a1s that explode on the enemie's stupid asshole.
Because of the worldwide update that fucked up everyone, consumed 1 day on matchmaking that made players guts going.10000 M4A1s are fake on China. This is why there are alot of fake guns like, Fucked up M14EBR, Shitty AN94, Assassasshole AR15, retarded AKM, Grenade RPG (And does not shoot, M9090909249 also does not shoot), and lastly, metal chicken.
No one ever dared to go in China because China is fake and made out of plastic. There are always bombing zones which will kilo everyone on that fucking country. The odds on getting gasoline on china was 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% except for evrywhere because every house you go to will be unenterable beacuse they are full of gasoline. If you are a fireteam and your teamates fucking managed to get in, smoke some weed and they will KABOOM.
M4A1 was a lie.
When your mom just woke you up shouting at you but you were just fucking dreaming and you was saying like 1000 bad words shich tried to fucked up your moms night. You opened ros and evrything was normal. No world wide maps, No chaos , and no FUCKING BUUTTEDD ASSHOLE M4A1 CREATORS THAT DOES NOT KNOW FUCKING SHITT REAALYY FUCKING BITCHHY EASY LESSONS ABOUT ROS AND ALSO FUCKED ABOUT M4A1 AND WANTS TO FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK HIS FACE OF LIKE SHIT.
You tried to gwt an m4a1 and you finnaly got it. It was your dream.
Once you got out the retard house, you was sniped by somone by shooting a pistol in the sky. Too much bad luck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You did not know that there was a physics update to ROS where you need to fucking measure the distance fallen by your weak bullet.
That bot litterraly was just like:Im a stupid bot!!! Im a stupid bot!!! And he was just fucking shitting out of the pistol's bullet and fucking killed and fucked up your m4a1 dream. The bot was nonsense and was instantly killed by a hacker using an RPG on the ghillie because he is hacking. Nestease was fucked up and tried to ban the hacker because that hacker was just getting revenge on that stupid company that the idiotic person to create some shit that players that does not even know how to fuck up with other players.
You started another one, you just landed at bitter lake and you saw stupid people, punching together and they dont have beng beng and has no guts to get a pistol or even a metal chicken. They fucked up and punch like John Cena but they are just like does not know hot to play ROS, and they are real wrestling fans.
You was so shitted up and retarded on what you saw. You tried to stop seeing some shit and crap out of other people. Once you went to wheat town, you was fucked up by the blue zone, but people playing Ros are colorblind but its green. The company of ros and the youtubers ard really dumb, they dont know how to see the diffrences of blue and green. You better go back to nursery school.
The reason why people are seeing blue instead of green, youtubers said that compenstor increases your recoil by 10000% but a flash hider will give you guts to minus a chunk of damage. You said fuck! People dont know what to pick, they will pick more recoil because they are really dumb and should quit gaming and go back to learning nursery.
They pick compensator because they dont know what is recoil, they toght it was coiling damage that increases damage but its not. It increase recoil. That is why they do not take the flash hider. The flash of your guns severley injured peoples eyes which made the shit-shit colorblined.
Since you do not want to see shit, you went to a red house with a cr. You went in and went to the bathroom and you saw a person twerking and pissing on an M4A1. Since of your stress that was really crap, that bullshit player was nonsnse and you was killed by him using hands.
You reported him for M4A1 abuse but Netease was retarted for 1 hour and they thought it was AK47 even AK47 was just an AKM. They was just like wtf!! And then this company banned you for like 96 hours.Netease was really bullshitted and acted like a whore with fucking zero coorporation.
You started and watched a youtube video on how to long drop like hell and you learned how to use long drop, you tried to long drop from bittr lake to echo valley but with odds, somone was just testing the recoil or the coiling damage of the M4A1, shot it in the sky and was really careful just to target you. It landed onyou parachute and riped off your head.
You reported him for cheating but Netease games was just like sucking butts and want to shit out of thier damn bald workers. But ROS was now shitted retarted and now you can shut the fuck up on reporting and was banned you for using long drop because the company though the long drop was cheat, glitch or a bug that they fucking did not fix because only 0.0075% people know it. However the person that tested the recoil somehow was from the spawn island because he was just longed-dorpped to chemical depot and used a glitch to teleport to the spawn island.
The spawn island is also like people punching together, People having guts to twerk and some even try to shoot even they do not know what recoil is but their vocabulary means that it was coiling damage and fucked up pro players in the grandmaster.
The grandmaster should not exsist because Ros was really retarted like more retarted than PUBG or Fortnite. They should call it the anti- retard zone. If also if their is a grandmaster rank there should be a cunt-cunt master rank but Ros cutted it off because they want a cut like for 100 days.
Back to the stupid spawn island, you can see a sports car which people fight over, They also stop sometimes to gather fucking idiot players,and if there is already 5 players on the car, The driver will also throw the car on the water and sometimes the driver has beng beng and make people headshoted by the holy M4A1.
You started one last match before you go to bed and it was death race. Every time you start, you get an M4A1 and a PP19 and it was like crapped-shit bitch-dumb-cunt-cunt shit because of the m4a1 creator just made a gun for noobs. Your team scammed you and you just got a toy gun.
The driver thinks she was really cool because he is just gay. The driver was driving over bitter lake and copying people on the fucking bitch cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt pissed of 360 island. He throws it on the water. Haha. You got scolosis because of cleaning the car and getting the water out of the roadster's engine. He was shitted of while somone shotted you by a cheater using barrett and 100x scope because people are retarted and some pros do cheat and use thier fucking messed up skills.
You was pissed of and strarted at ruins and got an M14EBR and some weed for gasoline stations to blow up.Then you get some alcohol as your meele weapon and it deals 1 damage. You got no armour and helmet and you suddenly you was trying to kill skmeone with M4A1 and you used M14EBR with the 300x scope and the Unextended Long Draw magazine and was pissed of because of the reloding time was just like 3 days and you never finished.
You Finnaly went back on raging and deleting ROS. A month later you installed ROS again and you noticed that mayhem mode was added.You got your boop readdy and your butt and guts for you to beng beng with some free AUGs and some rubber crowbars. You said was just fuck, it was just nonsense and deserved to be a bitch like the inventor of the M4A1.
Since M4A1 is now really overpowered and you can know use the shotgun-sniper. The netease company was fucked of the crap and lag of the servers because noobs are conquering all servers with the AUGs.
In the new mayhem mode, you can see people punching together, people throwing cars underwater or even using the rubber crowbar with no power and and the people using and is fucking racing to airdrops to get people launcher. You tried a match and you used the M4A1 and the Shotgun Sniper but your enemies was hyped and is fucking on the guts to makemstupid aims and beng beng your boops and to get a shot of the barrett in the butthole.
On classic someone teamed up with you while both of you are inside kf a tuk tuk.
Enemy: team please I will cary your fucking nonsense skills on the creator of that gun or that fucking cunt-bitched M4A1.
You: Sure asshole,
Then your enemy suddenly drived the tuk tuk and you just dominated 8 players and the enemy gave up on your 7 kill steals. While you were looting, your enemy putted some gasoline and grenades around the house your pissing of a person, twerking on somone you knocked down, and then somone substituted sniper ammo into ciggarttes and fired it into gasoline. Another enemy heard the exposion from chemical depot while you was on traffic hub and it was like 28009124 meters away.
You was scammed and fucked up. You tried to scam him for revenge by adding him as a friend, and then played a fireteam match with his ass.You went to town dire and also your teamates, you just invented how to make electricty, rub your hands and viola! Electricty. You saw your teamate or tge bitch and you just putted your hands on the water, he was grounded and shocked and you got his M4A1 and used grenade launcher to get your teamate's loot to get ciggarttes and you just killed a whole fireteam by solo because you just smoke them up and they have 100 tanks of gasolines on the house.
Lets end this story and go back on disscusing M4A1.
M4A1 come from its name: "Most For Asses Only" because M is for most, 4 starts with F and F is For, A is for Asses and 1 starts with O and uses only. The stupid creator should just edit this weapon so it can fit on 2x scopes instead of 1x scopes only. The M4A1 is also a cunt, being fucked up on its 1 damage and also Barrett is 100x more Holy than M4A1 or the Most For Asses Only Gun.
Never pick the Ex Qd mag because the ammo capacity of this Ass is just 1000 unlike the Barrett because the Barrett has 5 ammo which is 2000 times more than that gun or even that AUG. When you equip an Ex Qd mag, the reloading time increase recoil by 4% and damge by -2% and also qudriples the reloading time. It also makes the magazine have an extra bullet so you can beng beng more bots and hackers that does not have Barrett.
Barrett also means Best And Really Ridiculous Egg To Taste. That is why Ros riped of the barrett and chicken dinner from PUBG. Pubg by the way means Player's Ugly Battlefield which is nonsense and double fucked up. They should add 1000x scope or remove recoil. What do you think? Pubg, Fortnite and Ros are always retarted and will be pissed of by hackers that they do not ban because they are fucked up on bitter lake because they just saw a looting spot with the following:
* 14 Med Kits
* RPG and 10 RPG bullets,
* Barrett
* People punching Together
* 780 Rifle Ammo
* Pistol
* 91 Sports Drink
* Toilet that has poop
* Blue zone but its green
* Lv.3 Armour and Premuim Helmet Lv.89
* Ghuille suit
* Pissed off Shit
That is why they tried to remove M4A1 and you was crying like hell.
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== Notes ==
== Notes ==
[[File:Sans ed.png|thumb|220x220px]][[Category:Weapons]]
[[File:Sans ed.png|thumb|220x220px]]
[[Category:Assault Rifles]]
[[Category:Assault Rifles]]

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The M4A1 is the middle off road when it comes to the Assault Rifles in terms of top speed,acelleration,handling,,damage, accuracy, and fire rate and provides versatility to any loadout setups.

It is not recommended to use an 8x scope on this assualt rifle, as the recoil will make aiming very difficult. This is with no attachments, In this new update, they have added a new attachment, the Tactical Stock. This combined with a vertical foregrip and sometimes even a compensator, it makes this gun a laser with no laser just bullets.

And just in case anyone wants to know or is wondering about it forget it, the vertical foregrip is better than the triangle foregrip.

With the first person update this makes the Iron Sight useful though it blocks most of the screen.



Grips Magazines Scopes Stock


Same as the AR15 but with more stability² (damage drop at 50 and 100 meters)

San ef-1
Sand er
Sand er-0


Sans ed
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