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Planitum Rank

Ranked is a mode where 120 players drop from a plane and get resources to fight people. As the safe zone shrinks, it keeps players to be easily found in late game. When you survive a pretty long time you can get ranking points. The higher your rank, The more pro players you will encounter.

Rules of Survival's main tip is to be skilled in combat. You need to learn from your mistakes to have a better ranking and stats.

There are 7 ranks in the game:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Planitum
  • Diamond
  • Grandmaster

General Tips For ranking up

Go to a place where only few people go

  • If you go to a place where many people lands, you can easily be killed.
  • Being killed too early can result into lower ranking points, so avoid that

Do not go for alot of kills

  • Try to stay alive as late as you can.
  • Only try to defend yourself and try to snipe people up instead of close combat.

Ambush people at late game.

  • If you managed to get on the top 10, go to a small building and prepare a shotgun.
  • Fire people who enter the building. Shotguns can easily 1 shot people even with lv.3 armour.
  • Only go outside if the danger zone is expandin

Never use veichles at the top 20's

  • People can easily spot you and snipe you easily.


  • You can get up to 70 points if you win
  • You can atleast 40 points if you got to the top 10s.
  • Staying alive will be better than killing to rank up.
  • A kill or more can increase your points after you die.
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