The Saiga-12 is a 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun, which holds 5 rounds in a magazine. The Saiga-12 has muzzle, magazine, and scope attachment slots avaliable. The muzzle and magazine attachment slots take assault rifle attachments, and the scope slot takes low power scopes, less than or equal to 2x magnification. The use of assault rifle attachments is appropriate, since the Saiga series of guns, which include non-shotgun variants, is modeled after the AK series of rifles, with adaptations allowing the use of larger ammunition types, in this case 12-gauge shotgun shells. The Saiga-12 is similar to the AA12. The Saiga-12 can be used as a medium range weapon where there is no other option, but, in general it should only be used in close range. At a close range, the high damage output combined a high firerate and 5 round magazine make the Saiga-12 reliable, as even if the first shot misses, or fails to kill, you can continue shooting. Unlike the WRO, with one shell and a long reload time, the Saiga-12 is forgiving.