The Stun Grenade will stun your enemy's field of vision and make their hearing impaired for a few seconds.


The Stun grenade (Flashbang) is found anywhere on the map.

The duration of the stun/flash is around 2-4 seconds.

It is commonly found in houses or buildings, rarely in huts. From game experience, it is almost never found when you loot others because it doesn't have much uses.

Uses of the Stun grenade

  1. Flash enemies
  2. Stun your teammates (trolling :D)
  3. It could be used as a decoy when throwing other grenades in buildings.
  4. Nothing much...fuck all really


Solo: Can be used in 1v1s ( Do not Use in the open in a 1v1 - They can prevent easily)

Duo: *same as duo*

Squad and Fireteam: Best to aim to flash all opponents or else not effective at all

*If you are fighting in a building/rooms. Use Flash because they cant dodge it unless him/she turns around 180 degrees.* (Which also gives time for you to push)

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