Name Description Seats Explodable Consumes Fuel Contains


Activates Noise Cue

Bicycle Slowest vehicle and provides little to no protection at all. Does not make any noise cue. 2 Yes (But there is no explosion animation) No No No
Motorcycle Fastest vehicle which provides little to no protection at all 2 Yes Yes No Yes
Sports Car Fast vehicle which provides moderate protection. 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Three-Wheeler Fast vehicle, driver is exposed but the passengers have complete protection but may still die if the car explodes. 11 Yes Yes No Yes
Jeep Slow, provides moderate-maximum protection. 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed Boat Fast and moves on water. Provides little protection. Consumes fuel the fastest of all vehicles. 5 Yes Yes No Yes
Glider Only found on the map Fearless Fiord, at Area 41 and Hero's Ridge. Can glide, and can only take off while moving downhill. It disappears when the glider enters water. 5 (Not visible) Yes Yes No (Taking off is part of nitrous) Yes
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